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Earth, February 2018

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''aequum'' money is the response of free people to all attempts of less or more organized groups to control people, nation states or geographical areas through the power of money, which are nothing more than a means of exchange, in their own interest and at the disadvantage of the majority.

''aequum'' - Origin and history

The ECU Reserve was created to guarantee and manage the issuance of ''aequum'' money.

Act of Creation - Earth, February 2018


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Social Equality And Rights

Social and economic inequality is deeply embedded in some societies therefore will be hard to get over.

Our efforts to achieve social and economic equality include improving the chances with a monetary policy, especially aimed at the family, education, health and public safety, research and economy with preferential treatment for disadvantaged sectors, with great attention to the protection of the planet we live.

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Our mission is to serve the people by safeguarding the value of freedom and social justice.

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